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Dietmar, Software Entrepreneur

Dietmar made $12K euros in 1 week using this system. Then he engineered himself out of his business & started working just 1 day a week. Read more


Dr Brandie scaled her business 3x, opening 2 new offices and finally purchasing her dream vacation home. Read more

Franchise CEO

Alexis scaled her franchise from 28 stores to 108 stores. Her franchise is now on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing franchises. Read more about Alexis HERE.

Jenn, Project Lead

Jenn transitioned out of a job she hated, to a dream work-from-home role at a top-tier university. Read more

Sean, Animal Shelter Manager

Sean’s mission was to help others, but his life had spun out of control. Now he's brought his life back in balance, and he can help others without burning himself out. Read more

Agatha, Banker & Entrepreneur

Agatha spun up a side business that makes $20k a month, all while holding down her corporate job. Read more

Jessa, Business & Marketing Coach

Jessa went from a struggling “mompreneur,” to exploding her business and moving her family to a Caribbean islandRead more

Tim, Attorney

Tim created over 100 systems to work himself out of his business. Then he franchised his practice. Today he works from his beach home. Read more

Justene, Veterinary Owner

Dr. Justene redesigned her business systems from the ground up. She created the time to start a tour company running safaris in Africa (and had the clinic’s highest grossing month ever)Read more

Kathryn, Export Consultant

Kathryn left a job that made her miserable, and started a consultancy working from the mountains of AustriaRead more

Missy, Education Consultant

Missy went from business failure, to pivoting her career and booking her first private client - all in 8 weeksRead more

Jennifer, Doctor

Dr. Jennifer opened the diabetes clinic she had been putting off for 4 years, and is now seen as a thought leader in her field. Read more

The coaching that inspires change…

The 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp is for professionals who want to perform at their highest level. Average coaching programs don't cut it. Here's what graduates have to say about the quality of the coaching they received.

The program that boils down 10,000 hours of mastery into 60 days…

When you're making a big change, having the right instruction, accountability, coaching, and support is critical. Here's what graduates say about the course content in the 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp.

My biggest personal win of 2019 was joining Tribe then taking the 60-Day Bootcamp. What I have found hard to accomplish for years was “easy” with the proper instruction, coaching, accountability, and support.”

— Pauline U., Data Analyst

The course is brilliant. My personal view on the Bootcamp is it’s the “missing manual on productivity.”’

— Dietmar A., Software Entrepreneur

You can spend $200k on an MBA or attend the 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp...same result. I’m so honored to be part of this amazing team!”

— Sarah W., Accountant

If you are on the fence about the Bootcamp: Just do it and follow whatever Demir Bentley says!”

— Missy W., Education Consultant

I can’t imagine another program that could have helped me accomplish so much in such a short time. I’m thrilled to say, my life will never be the same again!”

— Melissa S., Online Course Creator

Signing up for this program was one of the best, most leveraged decisions I’ve ever made.”

—Margaret H., Attorney, President & Chairman

The experience you'll love...

Making big strides forward is fun and rewarding when you're part of the 60-Day Bootcamp, because you'll be putting your new productivity system to work in your life right away - not just learning the material.

Dietmar, Software CEO

Ana and Jernej, Anesthesiologists

Lauren, Project Manager

Krystle, Salesperson

Cheryl, Small Business Owner

Veronika, Coach

Mark, Global Director Of Marketing

Austin, Actor/Writer/Producer/Stand Up Comic

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