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The Ultimate Morning & Evening Routines To Transform Your Daily Productivity

Produced by Demir Bentley

Demir is the head coach and co-founder of The Lifehack Method, one of the fastest growing companies internationally for productivity. A sought-after coach, speaker, and Forbes contributor, Demir’s work is frequently featured in media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, CNBC, Washington Post, and many more.

With a passion for enabling others to live their best life, Demir is a brilliant productivity expert known for his empowering coaching style. He coaches thousands of people per year and his client list is riddled with high profile names like Facebook, Google, Uber, PepsiCo, and Lexar. Before starting The Lifehack Method, he was a technology CEO with a background in Wall Street finance and real estate.

Fun fact: Demir and his wife & business partner Carey now live internationally in different cities around the world going where they want, when they want. Their main base of operations is Medellin, Colombia.


This blueprint only works if you have a vision for yourself and your life that reaches beyond the confines of “regular” life. That is, this is really only for people who want more. You don’t find it acceptable to live an average existence, poking along as you have been for the last decade. You’re sick of hearing you’re “good enough” or how impressed people are with your existing accomplishments. You’re nowhere NEAR satisfied! You know you can be better, and your vision for your life is so much bigger than what you have now. If this is you, then this blueprint was designed so you can get to that vision in a fraction of the time. We only ask that you take full advantage of it.

Hey, it’s your productivity coach Demir here. 

It’s so awesome that you’re interested in this blueprint, because it means that you’re about to experience some massive changes in your performance. After implementing this strategy with hundreds of clients who use it to find endless energy, cut down their workload to only the work they want to be doing, scale their business revenues, and feel like a true badass at work and at home, I’m 100% certain that with the right execution, you will get there too. 

Now, if you just read my bio above, you might have read it and thought “Woah, that sounds like someone who effortlessly gets it all done.”

Yeah, I get that a lot. 

I want you to know that everything that I’ve built and achieved has manifested from having clear, proven roadmaps for success while at the same time thinking outside societal constraints. There was no relying on some kind of in-born talent for getting things done! Even if I had natural talent for crossing items off my list, the pressures of today’s world are enough to break even the most organized, focused person.

The one burning desire I had, and still have, is a desire to have it all…without DOING it all. And that search has led me to discover a new breed of people I call Lifehackers. Lifehackers are living badass lives of joy and success without the long hours and stress. They do this by “hacking together” strategies for working and living that fall outside the traditional ways of doing things.

In order to integrate the mindset and skillset of a Lifehacker, I had to listen more and talk less. Come up with less excuses and find more solutions. Invest in those who knew better even when I assumed I knew everything about how the world works. See every interaction as a learning opportunity and commit to taking bold action at every turn.

You will need to do the same if you plan to spend less time working and more time on yourself, hit your 12 month goals in 3 months, scale your business and buy that vacation home, and permanently extricate yourself from the suffocating mountain of duties that are killing your passion and your health. 

So, here’s where I come in. I want you to see me as a coach who is truly invested in your success and believes in what is possible for you, even when you’re not so confident yourself. 

The concepts I share will require massive change in your actions, but as long as you don’t second-guess the process and simply focus on putting one foot in front of the other, you’ll be shocked at how quickly the results flood in. 

One of the largest misconceptions about peak performance is that it’s rocket science. Most assume that success past a certain level is reserved for Tim Ferriss and billionaire CEOs like Richard Branson, so it’s best to accept your lot in life and leave the true lifestyle rewards to the geniuses who “deserve” it. 

That is pure BS. If you walk away with anything from this blueprint, I want it to be this: Peak performance is simple and you can have it. Yes, you. It is a basic formula of Get Clarity + Master Yourself + Master Your Systems + Unlock Freedom. If you can master those four elements, you will never have a problem hitting your biggest goals, finding time for your hobbies and family, and optimizing your lifestyle to enjoy margaritas by the pool every weekend. And that’s just the START. Believe me when I say, having it all is well within your reach.

But even though this formula is simple to conceptualize, it isn’t always easy to actualize.

That’s why I’m here to guide you.

Let’s talk about you…

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you fly by the seat of your pants most days. 

You get derailed constantly with distractions, interruptions, and last minute problems that you need to solve. 

Your main goal is to get through the day, accomplish something, ANYTHING that will keep you in the “good enough” zone until tomorrow. 

And you generally feel burnt out and exhausted from your endless to-do list. 

No fun.

With so much going on, you’ve heard about the power of morning routines as a magic cure for your day. 

Maybe you’ve read Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod or heard about Tim Ferriss’s special green tea and wondered if that somehow held the secret to success. 

Maybe you’ve even tried to implement a routine in the mornings.

And when that doesn’t work, you keep searching for the secret in more articles and books.

But here’s what the experts don’t share with you. 

The solution to this problem doesn’t lie in the “recipe.” It’s not about a secret formula. 

It’s about something much more difficult to come by: CONSISTENCY. 

The #1 problem you’ll run into with implementing a successful routine is consistency. 

The truth is, most people aren’t taking it seriously enough. They don’t make it a priority to be habitualized in the way you need to be to perform at the level you want to perform at! 

It doesn’t matter if you have the best morning routine in the world if you don’t have the follow through to CONSISTENTLY do it! 

That’s why when I coach my clients, I focus on success through consistency rather than having a fancy routine.

Take my clients Stacy and Ryan.

Stacy is a partner at a busy law firm. She’s struggling to manage her responsibilities at home and work against the onslaught that greets her at the office everyday. 

I recommended that she focus on doing one thing better each day – waking up when her alarm goes off and never hitting snooze. 

She agrees, and she doesn’t change a single thing besides this. Not hitting snooze becomes her sole focus for 2 full months. 

She even starts storing her phone in her bathroom so that she has to get up to turn off the alarm in the morning.

By the end of the 1st month, it’s getting much easier for her to wake up even without her alarm. She starts going to bed earlier so that it’s easier to wake up, so she’s also feeling more rested and energetic. And the effects ripple throughout the rest of her day – she’s getting more done and her clients and law partners are noticing.

By the end of the 2nd month, she’s ready to build on her success and commit to the next tactic I have to show her.

Fast forward 6 months later, and she’s voted chairman of her firm. 

Even better, she’s found time to work out consistently and spend more time with her family.

Ryan is a successful real estate agent. But he runs his days by the seat of his pants, and feels dinged to death by distractions and phone calls. 

He loves reading peak performance books but has struggled to implement the strategies with any permanence. 

I give him a simple morning routine formula that will work easily with his lifestyle. 

He tries it out for a few days, but quickly wants to add more items to it based on something he read recently. 

When I check back in with him a month later, he’s completely fallen off his routine. He hasn’t done it at all in 2 weeks! 

I encourage him to downsize his routine and go back to basics. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t exciting enough for him and he decides to continue seeking “the next big thing” instead. 

Fast forward 6 months later, and he’s in the same place he’s always been – stressed out, and even more frustrated that he hasn’t cracked the code.

Who would you rather be like – Stacy or Ryan?

If you said Stacy, congratulations – you’re already thinking like a Lifehacker. You’re someone who doesn’t let perfection stop them on their road to success.

Let’s get into the 4 specific routines that will transform your day.