Stop hitting snooze! 

…and start living your most energized, productive & healthy life – everyday…

(even if you aren’t a morning person…for real, it’s possible)

When you woke up this morning…how did you feel?

Energetic? Motivated? Productive? Like you just got called down to be the next contestant on The Price Is Right?

…or like you got hit by a garbage truck in your sleep?
If it’s the truck scenario, you’re probably neglecting one of the most important elements of your day.

High performers choose us to coach them…

 If you could legit run for mayor of Snoozeville, USA; 

be considered for the position of CEO at Snooze, Inc. or have front row tickets to Snoozefest 2019 (YOU GET IT):


then keep reading, as this could be one of the most important things you read today.

How you BEGIN each morning plays a huge role in the way the rest of the day plays out… 

 …just as how you FINISH each day has an important effect on the next morning.


It’s a cycle that dramatically affects your livelihood – yet you avoid it like you would a persistent invitation to connect with your high school piano teacher on LinkedIn.


There’s nothing worse than hitting the snooze button five or six times – thinking that you’re giving yourself extra rest – only to wake up feeling like you’re not sure what year it is.




You immediately feel like you’re behind on the day.


You’re forced to play catch-up.


You’ve lost precious time, so stress and frustration start to creep in.Are they ever gonna find an efficient way to alter the current parameters of time and space?! (serious inquiry)


You’re late getting started on your first tasks of the day…and that pushes into the next task and the next. Your To-Do list becomes your Maybe-You’ll-Get-It-Done-Eventually-But-You’re-Gonna-Need-A-Red-Bull list.


Pretty soon your whole day is thrown off and what started as a slight detour turns into a MAJOR roadblock.


You find yourself void of motivation, drained of energy, overwhelmed, annoyed & defeated. When did your life become a never ending trip to the DMV?


Next thing you know, you’re waking up the next day doing the EXACT SAME THINGS & feeling the EXACT SAME WAY.


You feel discouraged, unproductive and disappointed in yourself.

If you can relate to this feeling – You are not alone.

More than 50% of people around the world DO NOT consider themselves a “morning person.” And about 10% of those people are regularly sending evil thought darts at someone who brags about being a morning person.


…there’s ONE thing some of the most successful people in the world have in common:


Think about some of our world’s current bad asses…


Tony Robbins has his "Hour of Power."


Richard Branson is out kiteboarding before 6am.


Oprah meditates for 30-minutes every morning.


Jennifer Aniston is up at 4:30 for yoga & spin.

The list goes on.

And it’s intimidating to think about, especially since none of us will ever be Oprah. (It’s cool to be on the planet the same time as her though.)

Fact #1:

You DON’T need to commit hours and hours each day on a complicated routine or worry about it taking away from the rest of your daily habits and tasks. A consistent-ass routine doesn’t have to mean a long-ass routine.

FACT #2:

You CAN create productive & practical routines without sacrificing time for your family, work, diet & exercise

FACT #3:

You DON’T need to be a “morning person” to transform the way you start your day. Seriously. Long live the night owl. You should get a plaque.

If you think creating a truly life-changing routine is impossible and only for the ultra-successful…

…or if you think you can snap your fingers and have new habits in place that make you happier, healthier & wealthier…

Then this is probably NOT for you.

Becoming more focused, disciplined, and productive requires EFFORT. And discomfort.

Unlike an adult onesie, sometimes change (i.e. creating new habits) can be very uncomfortable.

There is no magic pill, sleep “hack” or iPhone app that will automatically help you wake up earlier, accomplish your goals, or become more successful. (They’re probably making an app for that but until then…)

If you are committed to transforming your life – starting with your mornings & evenings – and getting results that stick then you’re in the right place.

Especially if you’ve tried other courses or programs in the past and started to develop new habits that just did not take…

……or you tried to juggle all the balls but instead ended up with a pile of balls and a dissatisfied audience who paid to see some real juggling and now want their money back.

…or your family, health or the unpredictability of life just got in the way and you fell off the wagon.

What we’re about to cover are the exact same elements we’ve personally used – and helped hundreds of our clients implement – to live healthier, more focused, productive lives.

But why should you listen to us?

We’re Demir & Carey Bentley.

After working tireless careers on Wall Street and in corporate America, we reached our breaking point.

We worked crazy hours but never felt like we were getting enough done.

More importantly, we didn’t have enough time for each other, our families, or doing what we loved – outside of work.

So we decided to radically transform our lives by learning and implementing the most powerful & practical productivity rituals so we could truly have the freedom to do whatever we want with our time.

Since then, we’ve had thousands of clients graduate from our flagship program, Lifehack Bootcamp, and attend our annual Lifehack Summit, with the goal of becoming their most productive, motivated, goal-accomplishing selves.

Our work has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Inc, EoFire, The ONE Thing and more.

Our mission is to give a no-BS, no excuses approach to create a huge transformation and lasting results for every one of our clients, whether you’re a SAHM, entrepreneur or corporate executive.

That’s why we’re so passionate about what we do.

Because we KNOW how to create success without struggle – and we don’t want you to have to go through the decade of trial & error that we did.

We know there are a lot of other courses and programs out there promising to make you more productive.

We’ve actually tried some of them…

……and honestly, we weren’t impressed. Oh snap, we said it.

Especially knowing that some of the creators of these programs don’t actually “walk the walk” or practice what they preach.

But we do.

We live, breathe, and wake-up each and every day ready to tackle our goals, spread our mission, and help others live their best, most productive lives.

Whether you want to experience:


Less stress


Better time management


Greater satisfaction in your self & work


Optimized mental & physical health


Increased focus


Belief in yourself & your purpose


Looking forward to waking up every day


More discipline


More energy


Extra time to dedicate toward personal goals


Stronger state of mind

…or simply have something simple to follow, taught by someone who “gets it” that’s PROVEN to keep you on track so that you can become a happier, healthier and more successful YOU…

This program is exactly what you’re looking for.

That’s why we’ve created this course:

In creating this program, we’ve taken the most simple, practical & actionable routines and channeled them into a structured, easy-to-follow, step-by-step game plan that will REVOLUTIONIZE your productivity from the moment you wake up….without hitting snooze again.

Master Your Morning & Evening Routines isn’t so much a course as it is a WAKE UP CALL (pun completely intended) to start living a better life. 

YES…you’ll learn everything you need to know about starting and ending your day powerfully…but you’ll also learn how to implement these routines effectively to ensure they STICK.
No more “winging it” or feeling like you’re constantly behind the 8-ball of life….leaving the course of your day up to chance and whether you get cut off in traffic.
 It’s time to live your life by choice.

And it all starts with mastering your morning routine.

This Course Is For You If:


You’re ready to wake up in beast mode—excited, motivated, and gunning to tackle your #1 priority


You’ve tried developing a morning routine by yourself, but it didn’t stick, despite your best efforts and several pounds of coffee.


Your days get away from you, and you end up working on projects that don’t really matter


You want to start consistently ending work ON TIME so you can actually enjoy your personal life (friendly reminder: it’s a thing.) 


You need to draw a line in the sand and STOP letting work bleed into your personal life. No one appreciates your smartphone blowing up on the table at dinner. No one.


You’re reacting to your day, not guiding it


You’re behind the day before it even starts – scrambling, scattered, and always playing catch up

You’ll get immediate VIP Morning & Evening Routine Ninja access to:

Complete Video Trainings: Easy-to-follow step-by-step videos detailing exactly how to create your perfect morning and evening routines (4 routines total), using proven methods you can implement immediately 


Printable & Online Habit Tracker: This customizable form you can keep anywhere is designed to keep you consistent in your routine and help you track your new habits so they will stick–without worrying about falling off track or skipping anything.

Accountability Forum: For the duration of the course, you’ll have access to a dedicated Facebook community where you can post updates, share your progress, receive extra coaching , and get (and give) accountability from other members of the course determined to create powerful routines.

BONUS Supplementary Video Library: We’re including bonus videos on the “Common Roadblocks” that our clients face, designed to take the worry out of ever getting “behind the 8-ball” as you develop new habits & routines. Topics include: What To Do When You’re Traveling, How To Distraction-Proof Your Environment, etc. – so much more helpful than that last 80s music video YouTube vortex you fell in – admit it.

And To Make Sure You’re Fully Supported Throughout The Course, You’ll Also Get Access To:


Our Lifehack Bootcamp Team: We know everyone’s lives, circumstances & goals are completely different. Which is why you’ll have an all access pass to our team for added accountability & encouragement and to ask any questions you have at any time. We were once in your shoes, and now we’re here to support you 100% of the way into becoming a greater version of yourself.


Accountability Emails: You’ll receive daily emails for 30 DAYS (starting the day you purchase) that are packed with helpful tips to keep you on track while forming your new habits and give you new ideas & recommendations to ensure you’re routine sticks. Can you imagine a daily email you won’t wanna unsubscribe to? WE GOT THAT.


Jumpstart Call: To jumpstart the course, you’ll get a FREE 15-minute acceleration call with one of our Lifehack Coaches where you can start setting your goals and create an action plan for crushing them in the course (and beyond). Did we mention crushing? So much crushing in your future.


BONUS: Once you’ve experienced 2-weeks of proven results within this course, you unlock a FREE bonus coaching call with one of our Lifehack Coaches to share your experience, overcome any roadblocks & solidify a plan to continue building on your routine for the rest of your life.

Plus, you’ll be backed by our…

Enjoy It Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’ve been burned by other online courses…

Or if you’re on the fence…

Then I want to offer you the opportunity to get involved risk free. 
The Master Your Morning & Evening Routines program comes with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you participate fully and for some reason you decide you aren’t getting the results you wanted, then we’ll happily cancel your account and refund your money within 30 days of purchase. 
We don’t believe in confiscating your hard earned coin if you didn’t get tremendous value. And with a <1% refund rate, we know we can deliver.

We’re serious about our productivity arsenal, which is why we’ve been featured in publications like…

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For less than a few trips to Taco Bell (or one, if the night is really off the rails), you can start creating the life you’ve always dreamed of starting TODAY by creating the habits, rituals & routines designed to make you a more successful & productive YOU…

…the version of yourself you know you’re capable of becoming, with the right training, guidance & support.

Straight up: the longer you procrastinate (which is just avoiding discomfort as long as possible, FYI) mastering your morning and evening routines, the longer you’ll struggle to experience the warrior-level energy, focus, motivation and productivity you’ve always wanted…

A better, healthier, happier version of you IS within your reach.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Lifehack Bootcamp family: a community of mission-driven, action-taking, excuse-crushing individuals living their best lives. We’re pretty fun too.

The only question left:
What are you waiting for?

Hell to the YES, I want to create great habits!

Get Instant Access

“What results can I expect?”

Our clients have reported tangible results from our coaching programs, and the results are awesome. Here are some of the life altering pros you can expect (if you fully commit to the tools we’ve created, half-assers should probably beat it):

Among other positive effects, you’ll experience:

More productivity, focus & energy without the overwhelm or high-stress levels you’re used to – you will literally be too blessed to be stressed.

The secret to achieving freedom through discipline

Unshakeable confidence knowing you’re in the driver’s seat of your day – everyday 

Elimination of anxiety & fear when you stop living in reaction and start becoming proactive in ALL areas of your life

Valuable “life-preserving” habits that keep you above water & out of the weeds – even on your worst days

Heightened performance in every area of your life – watch your normal “best day” day become your new average. This is also known as “ballin’ out of control”

More enjoyment & better relationships as your outlook on life improves daily – brace yourself, you’re gonna become a glass is half-full kinda person. The glass has champagne in it, because of the previously mentioned ballin’ out of control status

Skyrocketed results in your personal and professional life (faster promotions, more sales, better client retention, etc.)

Our guarantee: 

If you fully commit to the process we lay out, follow the trainings, engage with the community & our dedicated coaches, and make a promise to yourself to go all-in on changing your habits and creating powerful routines:

Your life WILL change.

I’m ready, let’s get started!

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