It's time to give your to-do list a massive upgrade.

To keep your top goals front and center — without letting small-ball tasks fall through the cracks — the best thing you can do is master your task management system.

Slaying that never-ending to-do list is easier than ever before, thanks to the incredible power of task management tools like Asana, Todoist, and Monday.

The problem is, these programs are overstuffed with unnecessary features, making them way more confusing than they have to be. 

That's why I created this course, designed for professionals who want a clear path to success using the same task management system my team and I use day in and day out:



Training & Tutorial

This course is designed to cut through the noise and massively simplify Asana, so that you can enjoy the benefits of the most powerful yet easy to use task management platform (and skip the learning curve).

The course will also show you how to integrate Asana into the broader Lifehack Method philosophy to amplify its power even more, so that you can:


Capture the flood of incoming tasks

...without feeling frazzled or overwhelmed

Prioritize and re-prioritize effortlessly

...keep your top priorities top of mind even as things change and evolve throughout the day

Never forget an important task or idea

...instead of losing track of small (but critical) tasks

Handle larger, more complex projects that you can push your real work forward, instead of spending a lot of time updating and analyzing timelines

Scale your impact with delegation

...easily get work off your plate, without feeling like delegation is a second job

Why I Love Asana

I get why you might be nervous about using an online task management system like Asana. I was so against it!

Before using Asana, I was a hardcore “pen and paper” to-do lister.

Every morning at the start of my day, I would come into my office, sit down, and re-write my to-do list (by hand). My list was always longer than 60 items long.

At work, I was known as one of the most productive team members, but as I started taking on more responsibility, my written to-do list became impossible to manage.

Tasks started slipping between the cracks. It was hard to prioritize tasks because once they were on the page, I couldn’t move them physically to prioritize them. It took at least thirty minutes each morning just to write out my to-do list.

Sometimes at the end of the day, I would see a small task tucked into the margins that was actually REALLY important that I’d forgotten to do... then I had to do it at home after dinner!

It was stressing me out and adding hours to my workweek.

So what held me back from upgrading?

I was worried that I wouldn't use it consistently. I thought that it wouldn't play well with my existing workflow. And frankly I was just scared — because I had never used an online tool like this before.

But boy, was I wrong!

Asana is a way better tool to manage my to do list — but it does a heck of a lot more!

Upgrading to Asana enabled me to capture everything that came at me, and never forget anything.

It's enabled me to prioritize rapidly, and manage all my projects on schedule (without getting stresesd out).

And it's enabled me to manage my team remotely, from all over the world, with hardly any emails or meetings.

No more frustrating miscommunications about who was going to do what, by when. There's built-in accountability for tasks getting done.

No more annoying last minute meetings to try and get clarity about a project. There's clarity built into Asana, plus an easy way to communicate about tasks without scheduling meetings or sending emails.

No more tiring late night work sessions on tasks that slipped through the cracks.

Honestly I had to ask myself: Why didn't I make the jump sooner! I felt a little foolish.

But I remember what held me back. In my previous career as a brand manager, I trained in numerous task management tools. And they're all absolutely stuffed with features. These features are supposed to make them more powerful — but they just make it confusing to learn and overwhelming to use.

That means no one wants to use them. Which means you end up with yet another task management system that you don't adhere to, and that doesn't really help you stay organized.

Let me simplify it for you.

I created this course to take you from start to finish in your journey with Asana. If you're a student of the Lifehack Method, I also show you how to integrate Asana with our broader methodology to pour jet fuel on your productivity!

Like thousands of our clients, I'm confident that this is a tool that you will LOVE using, once you know how to use it in the right way.

See you inside!


Asana is really a game changer. It definitely reduces cognitive load so we can focus on execution, and it organizes your to-do items where you can access them very easily.

Thank you, this is a game changing tool!

Ilyas M.


My beloved boss absolutely cannot be pinned down for a meeting, has a very relaxed approach to projects, and in general makes life a little like herding charming, swarthy cats.

I started an Asana page for our firm, fully expecting that it would take months of berating my boss to actually get him to USE the software.

But this morning, there were a cluster of notifications from Asana saying wonders such as:

"M commented on your task"

"M commented on your project"

"M assigned task" etc


Jenny S.

Business Development Manager

I'm so excited to have learned about Asana! Wow.

Just the thought of one day being able to free myself from my email excites me!

I've heard of Asana before but always thought it was too advanced for me/my needs. I'm a bit of a technology dinosaur in that I get used to what I'm used to, and if I think it works fine, I'm reluctant to change.

Asana's ability to shuffle and reprioritize tasks easily without losing anything blows my mind...this is something I've always struggled with before, using my old-school system!

Kathy P.

I was VERY intimidated by Asana [...] I also doubted Asana would be relevant to me as a solopreneur...

and I already feel wrong, which is both great (and rare haha) for me!

Sarah G.

Owner of Pilates, Yoga, and Movement Studio

Thanks so much for exposing me to the powers of Asana!

It has been a tremendous tool in organizing and sharing info with my Partners and other Business Associates.

I had been using Microsoft Outlook and OneNote, and had been “muddying” through our projects. It served its purpose, but it was cumbersome, awkward, and not organized systematically for all to see.

I’ll recap briefly some of the things that Asana has done for us:

  • Each project is set up separately and combined for our various ventures. Everyone that has access can see what we put together in the same way.
  • To do’s are updated and sent to me each day.
  • Emails have been decreased, and communication has been more effective.
  • The accountability for tasks is done automatically. Each person who is assigned a task has to “buy in” and accept responsibility for each item.
  • Reports are easy to generate- either by templates or by forms that we custom design. I can choose who gets to see them.
  • Tracking and assessing items are easy to set up and monitor.
  • Gantt charts are produced for our Investors.

I could go on, but needless to say, I am HOOKED on this system!

Again, many thanks for introducing me to this effective tool which makes my life much more productive.

Tim B.

Real Estate Developer


Training & Tutorial

Here's what you'll learn:

Part 1: Introduction

  • How open loops kill your productivity
  • Why you need a "second brain"
  • Why your inbox is the worst place to manage tasks
  • Ideal qualities of your to-do list software
  • The standard user interface of all task platforms, which you can use to master any task managment program

Part 2: Meet Asana, Your Second Brain

  • Why I absolutely love Asana
  • How Asana streamlines your productivity, saving you time (and money) every time you sit down to work

Part 3: Asana How-To Guide

  • Everything you need to know (and nothing you don't) about Asana
  • How to open your Asana account
  • The difference between a workspace, a project, and an organization
  • How to dial in your settings and set up email forwarding
  • How to set up your task list
  • How to use repeating tasks (so good!), tags, subtasks, search, the inbox, and customize your privacy settings
  • A detailed guide to setting up your first project
  • How to use the mobile app
  • Troubleshooting — answers to the most common issues new (and experienced) Asana users have
  • How to make it faster — if you're a power user, here's how to step up your Asana game

Part 4: Delegating With Asana

  • How to add team members to your Asana workspace
  • How to manage a virtual assistant using Asana
  • How to work with a small team in Asana
  • Using the Goals feature (and a hack for it too)
  • The best Asana integrations for teams

Part 5: How To Use Asana With The Lifehack Method

  • What to do daily in Asana
  • What to do weekly in Asana
  • How to calendarize your to-do list easily
  • How to take notes in Asana
  • How to store "Someday" tasks so they don't clutter up your to-do list
  • Asana Do's and Don'ts
  • The Lifehacker Asana Rulebook
  • How to defeat the dreaded "Asana Overload"
  • Week-In-The-Life of Carey's Asana Workspace

Part 6: Becoming an Asana Superuser

  • When to upgrade your account to a paid plan (and how to keep it free forever, if you want)
  • How to integrate Asana with Google Drive and Dropbox
  • How to integrate Asana with time tracking tools like Toggl and Harvest
  • Fun hacks with Asana (using it as a CRM and keeping track of birthdays!)

Plus these special bonuses, available during this enrollment period only!

Bonus #1

Bonus Training On How To Run Meetings Out Of Asana

Say goodbye to slide decks, agendas that get lost in email inboxes, and spending time after the meeting assigning follow up items. Now, the whole meeting can be run straight from Asana.

This is not only a time saver but will result in you (and your team) feeling like their workflow is running smoothly, without missing details, and with improved transparency throughout the organization.

Bonus #2

Shareable Training Videos For Your Team, Colleagues, Or Family

This bonus content includes video trainings designed to share with the people you work with or anyone who you want to share your Asana Workspace with, so that you can effortlessly:

  • Get colleagues excited and enrolled in the idea of using Asana
  • Save the time and energy of explaining to them how to use this new tool
  • Teach them the main features of how to use Asana so that they hit the ground running

Bonus #3

Project & Task Templates Bundle

I love a good template, don't you? It's such a great way to save time and energy.

In this bonus, I'm sharing a variety of task and project templates to make the jump to Asana even easier.

You'll be able to copy and paste my templates into your Asana Workspace and customize them however you'd like for yourself.


Q&A Box To Contact Me Directly

I want you to feel supported as you make the move to Asana, which is why I've placed a private Q&A box on every page of the course.

Questions asked by clients in the course go directly to me, which means that if you have a problem, issue, or are confused about anything inside Asana, you have a direct channel to me so I can help you figure it out.


Training & Tutorial

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Frequently Asked Questions
When will I receive access to the course?
Once we receive your order, you will receive you access credentials via email in 10-15 minutes.
Is this yet another program that’s going to add work to my plate?

NO! Unlike apps like Slack, this is a force multiplier and a time saver. This is a tool that will allow you to do your existing work faster.

In a world full of time wasting, unnecessary “productivity” apps, I’m telling you that Asana is one that you need to know and master!

I'm an alumni of the 60-day Lifehack Bootcamp. Is this included with my Bootcamp course content?

Yes, if you are a current or alumus/alumna of the 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp, this content will be included inside your 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp content.

It is not included for Lifehack Tribe members.

How long is the course?

The course has 6 parts and 41 lessons. You'll want to budget 4-5 hours to work through the content, and several additional hours to do the one-time setup work too.

What's the refund policy?
This course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, which means that if you check it out and decide it's not for you, you can email us and request a refund within 30 days after your purchase.
Who will get value from this course?

I designed this course for anyone who is currently using a paper or email for their to-do list, or who does not consistently use a system for tracking tasks. It's also an incredible resource for anyone who wants to fully master Asana.

If you've been frustrated or had bad experiences in the past, this course will help you perfect your task management system.

And if you want to, this is the basic infrastructure that's going to help you to work less, fully automate your business, and achieve the 4 hour workweek.

Should I master Evernote / Slack before Asana?

No, you should definitely focus on Asana before tools like Evernote or Slack.

Here's why:

Mastering the skill of getting things done comes first because it's more important to reaching your goals. This is best done using an action platform like Asana.

Evernote is designed for storing notes and information, but it's not an action platform like Asana. Slack is (yet another) communication platform, which means it's not an action platform either. These are useful tools, but if you don't currently have a task management system in place, then you should focus your energy on remedying that first before moving on to other tools.

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